About India’s Most Popular Web Hosting Provider

We are #1 Web Hosting provider in India with more than thousands customer base.

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YouStable prioritizes hard work and sincerity. Our team works on these two formulas to ensure our users succeed. Hence, working with our innovative and passion-filled services, you will feel like you’re at the world's top. And, we are here to make that sure!

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What Made Customer Love YouStable

We have some terms, some rituals, some limits! Our team is totally dedicated to offer our customers the best in class hosting service with a very affordable price tag.


We Are Indians and we deal with our clients like God. These are our ceremonies and we attempt to really focus on our clients and serve them with the best and the most cordial administrations conceivable.


We are not one-sided by any means, we offer regard to each race, shading, language, gender, religion, political, public or other status.


Sharing is mindful, this term is in our DNA. We love to impart the information to you all and for that we have a devoted information base, to give the best data each an ideal opportunity to stall out.


YouStable offers you a complete open environment to use Hosting, also if you get stuck at a point, feel free to ask from your customer executives, they are active 24/7/365 only for you.


About India’s Most Popular Web Hosting Provider

YouStable is among the most popular web hosting providers which has been working independently since 2015 and YouStable has been the best choice of more than thousands customers.

YouStable originated from the City of Nawabs also known as Lucknow. YouStable has more than 6 data centre locations for dedicated services.

We offer high standard performance, committed server uptime which is backed by our dedicated team of heroes and these things made YouStable is among fastest growing web hosting providers.


What Is Our Aim?

YouStable was launched with a great mindset. The CEO Mr. Rajesh Chauhan aimed to offer premium Web Hosting at a very inexpensive price.

YouStable offers you premium web hosting starting from just ₹139/m and this made us different from others.

YouStable is not just a brand that provides hosting services to clients. We are a team of passionate people who have a dream to provide the best possible services. The quality of services a customer gets from us is unparalleled and our clients know it.

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Why only trust us?

YouStable is proud to lay down the renowned portals who reviewed us and now trusts YouStable as one of India’s #1 Web Hosting Providers.


Confidence of Thousands+ Customers!

Established in 2015, Youstable is an Indian brand that has come a long way and still striving its best to achieve perfection. We are grateful for all the love from our thousands+ customers present across the globe.